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Employment Information

Recruitment of experienced and new employees

SUNDOSOFT, a leading geographic information system (GIS) market company, recruits talented individuals who will open up the future as follows.

Recruiting fields Main Task Qualifications
SI Sales
Main Task Public / Land Information / Aviation / Transportation / Forest
Business Field Sales / Sales Support / Consulting
Qualifications Experienced in central government and affiliated organizations
(transportation and aviation research institutes, companies, government offices, etc.)
Experienced in new market proposal and consulting Experienced in GIS business / Large SI company technical sales Bachelor in GIS, Transportation, Aviation, Urban planning 3 to 9 years of Experience, From Assistant Manager to Deputy General Manager
Application Solution Development
Main Task GIS-based application development System design and development Web site development and operation Qualifications Web developer Experienced in Java, .NET, and PHP development Person capable DBMS(Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server) is preferred Person capable GIS Tool is preferred Entry level or less than 10 years of Experience
Main Task Create Proposal / Business Plan New item discovery and planning Business management
Big data
Main Task Data processing / Data modeling / Data analysis Big Data processing architecture and system construction Qualifications Experience with Big Data Architecture design and development Experienced large data processing Career Preferences
Platform development
Main Task Platform design and service development Build and operate cloud services Mobile app development Qualifications Experienced in C / C ++, Python, Java, Android and iOS development Experienced in System / Network development Experience in building platform architecture and building cloud services Career Preferences
Main Task PPT Design(PPT Advanced) Proposal design Company brochure and poster design Web Design Qualifications Career Preferences

※ Common Qualification

1.Experienced are able to apply regardless of academic background, Entry-level need to graduate from college(or scheduled) or higher

2.Person, who served in the military service or as such, have no reason to disqualify overseas travel

3.Person who hold a license or experienced in this field is preferred

4.National Veterans and persons with handicap are preferred according to relevant laws (Proof of documentation is required)

Recruit Process of Entry-level and Experienced

Through our homepage, we announce the recruitment division and qualification requirements at the time of hiring, and we will inform you by the wired and e-mail about the successful candidates and the detailed schedule for each stage.


Download and complete the prescribed form from our homepage and send e-mail.

02Document Screening

Selection of applicants after reviewing whether they meet the requirements for each section

03Comprehensive Interview

Interview with executive directors and interview with representative directors only for successful applicants

04Interview for successful candidates

After the selection of the final successful candidate through adding up the score from interview with excutive directors and representatives, and then visit the company before entering the company to discuss the date of employment, department layout, working conditions and salary before confirming the employment.

05Joining a company

Submission documents(graduation certificate, career certificate, medical certificate, etc.) required on the day of employment


How to apply

Fill out the application form Attention to the application Refer to the website to accurately enter support areas When sending a job application, file name and email title must be entered in support field-Experienced/Entry level-name ex) SI technology sales-Experienced-Hong Gil-dong / ArcGIS technical support-Entry level-Hong Gil-Dong * Please be sure to fill in the application area accurately

Reception information

Online Applicationapplication form Download Please send the e-mail again after confirming the contents and editing status before sending.
Please fill out the application form and delete it.
Contact us for application form and application E-mail file name Field of Support - Career / New Entry - Please write your name. ex) SI technology sales-Experienced-Hong Gil-dong / ArcGIS technical support-Entry level-Hong Gil-Dong

Application Period

~ When hiring


If the details of your application and submission form are falsely verified even after joining the company, recruitment and employment may be canceled. We do not return any documents submitted. If the recruitment announcement is cited by the recruiting company or the head recruitment company, Please approve from the company in advance. Location : 1701~1706, 181, gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea For further information, please contact us by email or phone.